DeFund Oracle Contract Under Development

This contract was created to allow 3rd party applications to easily determine the market value of the DeFund Share Token. In order to allow easy integration with many platforms, the contract was designed with two methods identical to those found in Chainlink’s aggregator interface.

latestAnswer will return the latest valuation, in WEI, of 1 DFT. This value is derrived from the underlying assets held in DeFund, and the valuation of each asset returned by Chainlinks Aggregator contracts. In simpler terms, it uses Chainlink to determine the market rate of assets 1 DFT represents.

You can interact with the defund oracle using the following interface.

// SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT
pragma solidity ^0.6.0;

interface IDefundOracle {
    function GetToken() external view returns(address);
    function GetFund() external view returns(address);

    function latestAnswer() external view returns(int256);
    function latestTimestamp() public view returns (uint256);
    function oldestTimestamp() public view returns(uint256);